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Hi all,

I’m excited to show you what OfficeTogether has been building over the last five months! I started this company in summer of 2020 in response to a growing number of companies making a hard pivot into hybrid office schedules. Hybrid offices allow employees to come in zero to five times per week, rather than daily attendance. The OfficeTogether software portal enables desk and capacity management, advanced scheduling and health checks. These features allow your teams to use less office space while still maintaining productivity and in-person connection. …

When shelter in place first slammed down on San Francisco in March, I was eager to return to the Coinbase offices, where I had been a software engineer for the last three years. I missed the close collaboration with my peers, the camaraderie forged over daily lunch conversations and my ergonomic office setup that helped me get stuff done.

But after I invested in a proper desk at home and got into a routine with cooking and groceries, my experience shifted — and I started to experience some of the most productive months of my career.

I am naturally a…

Amy Yin

Founder/CEO of OfficeTogether, Conscious Leadership Coach

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