• Oluseyi Akinyode

    Oluseyi Akinyode

    Omo Naija | follower of Jesus | Kdrama fanatic | film & art lover | coffee addict | product enthusiast | getting lost to find myself

  • David Morgan

    David Morgan

  • Becca Olsson

    Becca Olsson

  • Jillian Smith

    Jillian Smith

    Cats, coffee, copy. Content strategy @ Envoy.

  • Safa Rashtchy

    Safa Rashtchy

    Chief Thinker, Think+ (thinkplus.vc)

  • Liz Arnold

    Liz Arnold

    Founder, DigitalOrchards.com. Connector + Strategist. Cares about #women #leadership #tech #education + #careers. Ex-Google, MIT, Harvard.

  • Jenny Wang

    Jenny Wang

    always learning. investor & founder. Harvard CS alum.

  • Günter Lugo

    Günter Lugo

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